Why Integrative Medicine? By Dr Mike Cusnir

By March 31, 2017Blog, Integrative Medicine


Why Integrative Medicine?

By Mike Cusnir MD

Today’s world brings the medical community new challenges in patient care. An increasing amount of people seek to find ways to manage side effects using a combination of conventional therapies with alternative, making Integrative Medicine a very powerful tool.

10 years ago, I understood that I couldn’t remain static to this new reality. My patients needed my expert advice in ways to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation so their treatment could be more tolerable, unfortunately not all this topics are part of the curriculum of standard medical training. After graduating from the Integrative Medicine Fellowship from the University of Arizona, under the leadership of Dr Andrew Weil, I decided to formulate dietary supplements with their specific needs in mind. Supplements that they could use safely around their conventional treatment.

Maintaining quality of life and a sense of control over one’s experience and daily life is vital to traversing such difficult terrain. Chemotherapy side effects may last months after treatment has been completed. When cancer patients and cancer survivors come to my office, I want them to know that in conjunction with conventional treatments there are also integrative approaches to their care that puts them as an individual at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect their health.

Integrative medicine does not replace traditional medicine. Its objective is to work I synergy to offer collaboration with evidence-based therapies that can bring empowerment, whole-care and greater choices to move forward to a journey of healing and wellbeing.