The liver is the second most important organ in our body. In fact, the liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. It performs various functions including: Eliminating toxins from the body (like environmental pollutants, food additives, dead cells, alcohol, etc.), producing bile which helps carry away waste and break down fats, storing and releasing glucose for energy, clearing the blood of harmful substances, resisting infections and removing bacteria from the bloodstream, regulating glucose, blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, the immune system, and blood cholesterol production, and much more.
One of the main ways that the body rids itself of toxins is through the liver.  It converts nutrient in our diets into substances that the body can use, stores these substances, and supplies cells with them when needed. It also transforms fat-soluble toxins into a water-soluble form. This enables them to be released through the kidneys for elimination in urine, or into bile for elimination through the colon.
A healthy liver will manufacture approximately one liter (1.75 pints) of bile per day to transport toxins out of the body. If the liver is sluggish and not functioning at it’s best it can turn into “Fatty liver”. A fatty liver causes INFLAMMATION, which impairs your liver’s ability to carry out its very important functions to help your body stay strong and healthy. Toxins can build up, causing inflammation and oxidative stress. Toxins which are not eliminated return to the bloodstream and are eventually stored in fatty tissues where they pose less of an immediate threat. In the longer term, however, the slow release of these toxins back into the bloodstream can lead to a number of diseases.
When the liver isn’t functioning properly, your body is likely not absorbing, storing, or utilizing all the nutrients from your food, which can result in bloating, constipation, low energy, and stubborn weight loss, moodiness, anxiousness, or depression. Without a healthy liver, it’s nearly impossible to have a properly functioning metabolism, healthy circulation, balanced hormones, and strong digestion.
Fortunately, you can improve your liver’s functioning. Through a thorough liver cleanse, you can start to feel better in a matter of a couple of weeks. The best way to detox or keep a healthy liver is through a Clean diet. Eliminating all process foods, removing toxic foods from your diet and environment. Eating real food, mostly a plant base diet and increasing water.Exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle will also help decrease inflammation and promote general well being.
Milk Thistle is considered the most studied and effective detoxifying herbs,. Milk thistle helps to the elimination of heavy metals, prescription medications, environmental pollutants and alcohol in the liver. In addition, it helps to reduce the negative effects on the liver after chemotherapy and radiation. The active ingredient silymarin (extracted from the seeds of milk thistle) helps to strengthen the cell walls in the liver, while supporting healthy regeneration. Many years of research indicate liver-protective and regenerative properties that stimulate natural detoxification pathways. Because of its work against free radicals, silymarin strengthens the body’s immune system.
According to the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.
“In recent years, some monomers and certain functional mixtures of herbs have been extensively examined for their potential uses Liver disease treatment. In the present review, we selected several herbal derivatives , such as polysaccharide portion of wolfberry, garlic-derived monomers, resveratrol, and Milk thistle–derived substances. They have been shown to target the pathological events during Liver decease, specially Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Desease (NAFLD) initiation and progression both in pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.”
CHEMregen offers Milk Thistle (silymarin), Schizandra, Dandelion and Olive leaf. A unique combination of potent herbs that will help detox and cleanse your liver and restore it to its optimum state.
Susan Gail Farkas
Co-founder & Formulator (Herbalist)
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