OR Supplements… for a stronger and healthier journey.

OR Supplements was inspired by the most basic principal of Integrative Medicine  (IM) – “Integrative medicine pairs traditional medicine with other treatments to care for your mind, body, and spirit.”

Dr. Mike Cusnir, (an Oncologist), decided to embrace the concept of IM in his practice. He participated at the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and graduated from that program in 2012. He understood that the practice of IM could benefit his patients tremendously and decided to embrace the idea to formulate dietary supplements that could help with side effects of prolonged treatments.

For this very special project he found the perfect partner. As a Traditional Chinese Doctor, Susan Farkas, brings a vast experience in the properties and benefits of herbs and vitamins. She brings her knowledge in herbs, nutrition, and holistic tools to treat the side effects of conventional medicine.

It all started with a dialog on how traditional herbal remedies and holistic approaches to nutrition and supplementation, could help strengthen patients’ immune system and reduce the symptoms associated with prolonged treatments using strong medications (like chemotherapy), such as: blisters in the mouth, nausea, digestive problems, changes in the sense of taste, and more.

Dr. Cusnir and Susan Farkas took more than 2 years of extensive research to develop a scientifically formulated line of dietary supplements dedicated to assisting individuals who are undergoing prolonged medical treatments including chemotherapy and radiation. They understand that as Integrative Medicine practitioners it is crucial to provide education and tools to support people who want to take actions and re-gain control of their health to improve their quality of live. “We must look at the conventional care plan together with treatments that aren’t traditionally part of that plan, but that ultimately can improve their lives”, said Susan Farkas.

The philosophy behind the supplements we develop is:

  • Maintaining a good balance in your life means taking care of your mind and body.
  • Take care of and nurture yourself.
  • Maintain a positive mental attitude.

OR Supplements may be used to prepare for and to ease negative symptoms during a treatment, as well as help the body heal post treatment. OR Supplements does not compete with, or try to replace conventional medicine, nor do we make claims to cure cancer or any other disease. The main objective of our supplements is to support and work together with standard therapies by offering symptom control from side effects during and after treatment.