Schizandra fruit (WU WEI ZI) is one of the primary herbs in ChemRegen and one of the main liver cleansing and hepatic protective herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine.
The very name of Schizandrae, Wu Wei Zi, reveals the qualities of this amazing herb. In the Chinese language, Wu Wei Zi means “Five Taste Fruit.” When consumed, you can literally taste all five flavors at once (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty). This relates to the essence of all five of the elemental energies (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), and therefore addresses the five major organ systems of the body.

Schizandra berries sustain cells from damage caused by free radicals and other toxins with its powerful antioxidant effects. In Traditional Chinese Medicine schizandra is used as an adaptogen. This is a term used by herbalists to refer to natural herbs capable of increasing an organism’s resistance to trauma, stress, anxiety, and fatigue while having a normalizing effect on bodily processes.

It protects the body from damage due to extreme or chronic stress. In particular, it can protect the LIVER and adrenals and prevent atrophy due to extreme stress. It has good anti-inflammatory effect and activates the metabolism in order to facilitate the repair of synthesis rate of damaged liver cells. So, it helps the regeneration and reproduction of the impaired liver cell.

There are several reports that have shown schizandra to promote overall health of the biliary and cardiovascular systems even under circumstances where healthy immunity is needed most. Like in many cases during and after Chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

CHEMRegen, is a safe liver support formula that contains a concentrated herbal blend–many of the ingredients have been used and proven individually for years. Combined in this formula, each herb, including Milk Thistle, Schizandra berry, Dandelion and Olive leaf, that synergistically work to detoxify and repair the liver.
Susan Gail Farkas
Co-founder & Formulator (Herbalist)
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