How Healthy is Your Home?

By August 25, 2015News

Although often times we do not know what exactly causes cancer, we do know and understand that many things should be taken into account to help prevent cancer from appearing in your life. However, just because these steps are followed does not ensure that cancer will not occur; these are simply precautionary measures to take:

Clean sweep your cleaners:

Try to eliminate all toxic cleaning products from your home. Using these particular products can increase chances of cancer appearing. Bleach based, ammonia based products that are found in our home for cleaning purposed and killing germs can seriously damage your health. Instead, try using soap and water, apple cider vinegar and baking soda to clean and disinfect areas in your home.

Can the canned goods:

Lining inside canned food products can be extremely dangerous due to the high level of Bisphenol A – a commonly used ingredient found in canned and plastic goods.

Opt for organic when at all possible:

Using organic products can decrease your exposure to pesticides which are very poisonous to the human body.

Stop using Teflon:

Teflon, is used on most of our cookware so this may be a difficult thing to manage. However, substituting cookware for non-stick (ceramic or porcelain and cast-iron cookware) could be very beneficial as they do not contain chemicals and other dangerous compounds that may be harmful to our bodies.

Opt for the stove top:

Always choose stove cooked foods rather than microwaved foods. Not only does food prepared on the stove top usually taste better, but it is healthier in the fact that it is not heated up in the microwave which can bring many carcinogens and other negative agents to your foods.

Toxins aren’t pretty:

Be sure to check the ingredients used in your everyday makeup before using. Some makeup contains harmful chemicals that could be very dangerous.

Making these small changes may not completely free you of cancer, but they will allow you to live a healthier lifestyle.

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