Who should take dietary supplements?

In an ideal world we should be able to gather all our vitamins and nutrients from food sources. However some people are not acquiring them secondary to poor dietary habits and also the requirements change based on specific medical conditions. With all these in mind it is advisable to use vitamins and supplements that will help your body maintain an optimal function.*

Should I ask my doctor about taking supplements?

Yes, it is highly advisable that you always talk to your health care provider about taking any dietary supplements.

Can I use your supplements with any other prescription drugs?

Most of the times it is safe to take supplements with prescription medications. We recommend that you always seek advice from a practitioner well versed on botanicals and modern medicine.

Can I use these dietary supplements if I am pregnant?

During pregnancy you should always consult with your doctor to better guide you in the safe use of these types of products.

For how long should I use the supplements?

It mostly depends on the intention of the supplement; if it is being given to support health in general you might need certain supplements to be taken continuously such as CHEMmulti+, however if you are taking it during a specific time in your life or for specific conditions it might only be required during a short period of time as in the case of CHEMregen and CHEMginger*. Your health care provider can help you make the correct decision.

Do you do microbial testing?

Yes, our manufacturing company does in house microbiology analysis on all finished products and provide a Certificate of Analysis for each lot.

Should I experience any side effects from taking your supplements?

The incidence of side effects from these supplements is extremely low, but if you experience any new symptoms or side effects we strongly recommend you stop using the products and consult your physician.
We are a company committed to health and safety and would greatly appreciate if you let us know of any side effects you may experience from taking our products, so we can report them to the FDA and continually evaluate our products.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

We choose our raw ingredients from the best sources and then the final line is produced in a GMP facility, which subsequently is evaluated for the final doses of all the ingredients by USP (US Pharmacopeia) which helps insure the quality, safety and benefit of medicines and food.

Are any of your products suitable for vegetarians?

At this point the only product that is suitable for vegetarians is CHEMginger.

Why are your products different/special?

Our line of products was specifically designed to be low in anti-oxidants but still supply the basic needs to support body functions*. They were formulated by a Hematologist/Oncologist (Dr. Mike Cusnir) and a Traditional Chinese Herbalist to support functions that they feel are critical on a day to day basis*. Our formulas are developed to strengthen, invigorate and support the immune system into a transition of full health and well-being without interfering with most treatments*. Our products use always the best raw material and highest quality control during the production process.

Where can I obtain more information of why certain herbs are present in your products?

Our website is a great source of information but our panel of consultants is willing to answer questions submitted through our information line.

Is your manufacturing company certified by a third-party?

Our products are manufactured in the USA in a facility accredited with the following certifications: GMP Requirements in NSF/ANSI Standard 173 – Section 8, GMP Requirements in Part 3 of the Natural Health Product Regulation (NHPR – Canada), and GMP from Saudi Arabia FDA.

NSF International certifies that our manufacturer’s operations meet established GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). It verifies the identity and quantity of dietary ingredients declared on product label, ensures the products do not contain undeclared ingredients or unacceptable levels of contaminants, and demonstrates conformance to currently recommended industry GMPs for dietary supplements.

Since most western physicians are not very knowledgeable on natural products, can my doctor contact you to obtain more information?

Yes, if you ask him/her to submit his/her contact information one of our experts will contact him/her promptly so he/she can be confident about combining traditional medicines with our products. LINK to email

Should I take the supplements on an empty stomach or at any specific time of the day?

Since supplements are consider nutrients it has not been shown to make a difference, however most vitamins and minerals are absorbed better if taken with food, also some people might experience slight discomfort if the minerals are taken on an empty stomach, hence we usually recommend taking CHEMmulti+ with food but CHEMregen and CHEMginger can be taken either with or without food. In general it is advised to take most supplements away from fiber supplements, anti-acids and other medications.

Should I ask my doctor about taking supplements?

We would advise against that since the supplements were specifically designed based on best available evidence of adult serving sizes to support and maintain normal body functions*.

Can your supplements be used by kids?

These products are for adult use only.

Can I find your products outside of the U.S.?

Not yet, we are committed to highest quality and that includes being approved by the all regulatory agencies in the different countries but please contact us for more information.

What is the expiration date of your products?

The expiration date is printed on each bottle. All of our products have a 3 year expiry date unless otherwise specified in each bottle.

If I have cancer and undergoing conventional treatments, can I use your products?

According to an article published by the American Cancer Society (read complete article here www.cancer.org), people with cancer might think about using alternative and complementary methods for a number of reasons:
• To relieve the side effects of mainstream cancer treatment without having to take more medicine
• To find a less unpleasant treatment approach that might have few side effects
• To take an active role in improving their own health and wellness.

Can I take your supplements if I have known allergies?

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in our products you should refrain from taking it. Our products are manufactured in a facility that handles nuts, soy, fish, and dairy products. Our products are free from those components, however if you have a severe allergy to any of them we would recommend not take them.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.